Terms and conditions

Most of the online content in the Wellcome Library can be seen without restriction.

Some types of content, such as clinical images, require online registration. Online registration also allows you to use personalised features such as saved searches and bookmarks.

The first time you login to access online content or use the personalised features, you will be asked to agree to the 'Terms and Conditions' statement.

By registering online, you agree to be bound by these general terms and conditions:

  1. I will comply with current UK copyright law. If I want to re-use material from this site, I will abide by the conditions of use for that item and seek any permissions that are necessary.
  2. I will use personal data in research collections for research purposes only, and will not this information in any way that would cause damage or distress to the individual(s) concerned or their close family.

Conditions of use for specific items can vary. Every digitised item has a 'Conditions of Use' statement, which you are required to abide by. 

How your personal information will be used:

  • The Library will keep the information you have provided to enable us to contact you in connection with it, and as a record that you have accepted our Terms and Conditions statement.
  • We will not share your personal information with any third parties.
  • Your account will be deleted after five years of inactivity on this site.

See our privacy statement.